Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Christmas Advent - Cutting?

I have not completed enough of my advent to have drastically different pictures then my last post.  But I will share a little more of my inspiration/planning.

To start, I have 4 children and one advent calendar.  They each take turns moving the decorations into place.  They are VERY good at sharing.  I have been wanting to add another advent calendar to our home so that they could have two to share.  Much less wait time.  Of course 4 would be best, but I have a hard time paying for the ones they sell in the store when I know I could make one.

This one from Pink Chalk Studio really caught my eye.

I also conveniently had the one from Sew Mama Sew (this quilt-a-long) pinned.
EFF727091.jpg title=

I decided to cross stitch the numbers on my pockets, so that meant cutting and planning the layout immediately.  Cross stitching 24 number may take me a while!  I have completed 9 numbers so far (only 5 1/2 done when I took the picture).

Here is the basic layout of my advent.  My pockets are 2 1/2" unfinished because I will be placing little ornaments in them.  I also plan to add a star to the quilt.  Stay tuned, because I am loving this project!

The above whit fabric is my background fabric.  I have not bothered cutting it yet because I am still working on the numbers.

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