Monday, September 23, 2013

Equilateral Triangle Pillow

Part way through the top of my daughter's quilt (found here), I struggled with getting the size just right.  I thought that a row of triangles on the top might look good.  I was wrong, it looked horrible.  The problem was at the end of my "trial" I had a row of purple triangles sewn together.

I decided to pick apart a few seams and sew them back together in to a square. This pillow emerged and is all mine!  My daughter does not like accent pillows, so I get to keep it.  Purple is quickly becoming my new favourite colour, so that works great for me.

I would have planned the layout a little differently had I known I was going to sew them into a square, but I am quite happy with this little 14" pillow.  

On the back I added a hidden zipper, using this tutorial.

A little unplanned bonus, the pillow matches this fun pillow I made before!

I feel like I have a style creeping into my life.  I am pushing 40 so it is about time.  I have an eclectic style, that has not had a chance to take root.  I am hoping to bring a little more "life" into my home soon.  Little accents like this are a start.
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