Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cross Quilt

I finished this quilt, made for my 3rd child, last month and today was the day that I was able to photograph it.

Today was the perfect spring day (March 23) to enjoy a trip to our cabin with our snowshoes!

On the way out we pass this fantastic little church, I always love seeing it.  My hubby was happy enough to pull over, strap on the snowshoes and help me snap a couple photos.

I love the following picture, I think of a giant abominable quilt man!

Next up was our place.

Laying the quilt in the snow allowed me to capture the wonderful texture in the quilt.

The binding is simple.

I love finishing another quilt and I believe my son is enjoying it as well!

Here I am on my way back to our vehicle, quilt and camera on the back, little girl in the sled.  The other three children in front and hubby in the back with his camera phone.

We all had a lovely day and I think I have a few good pictures.  Thank you for sharing with me.

Quilt Stats:
Name: Cross Quilt
Size: large twin
Front: Kona Cotton Solids
Backing: Sheeting
Quilting: straight lines around the crosses


  1. It's a gorgeous finish- and great photos too!

  2. Oh that quilt in front of the little church! Such a great photo! And yay for a husband that holds up your quilts! It looks like you had a fabulous day :o)

  3. This quilt is lovely and looks fantastic in the snow.

  4. The photos really do the quilt justice! Beautiful!


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