Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Handmade Dolls

I made these dolls last year using this pattern from Make It & Love It.

The blonde/pink hair one was the first one I made.  She was a gift for my 4 year old.  Somehow I turned her arms upside down.  I blame my natural ability to ignore instructions!  I used this tutorial to make her hair.  

I stitched her face, mostly making it up as I went.  I drew a few samples on paper, then using pencil drew it on the fabric.  I made her smile crooked on purpose (I like crooked smiles, my older daughter does not agree).

When December rolled around I felt the need to relax and do something just for fun.  The pink hair doll named "Candy Cane" (named by my 4 year old) was created.

I was much more relaxed with her face and just stitched it straight on.  I was hoping to make her look the same as the first doll, but when I was making her the blonde doll was missing.

Turns out they are a little different, but not too much.  I used Kona Cotton Flesh colour for her, it really works well on dolls!  I also read a little tip to use crayon to create rosy cheeks dolls.  It also worked well.  I coloured the cheeks, then used an eraser to smudge it.

I love that their clothing is sewn on.  That way they are always dressed!

The little doll blanket they are posing on was made by my six year old.  I had a pack of precut flannel squares.  He pieced the top of the quilt and did the quilting.  I did most of the binding, but he did do a few inches of it himself.  He made it for his sister.

Thank you for letting me share with you!
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