Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Baby Boy Whole Cloth Quilt

I know, I have mad skills when it comes to naming my quilts!!  But, I do get them done and enjoy every minute of it, so that is all that counts right?!

This baby quilt was an end of year gift for my child's elementary teacher.  He loved his teachers this year and when I found out one of them was having a baby, I decided to make a quilt.

It took a while to finally make a plan.  My plan: TEXTURE.  I found a great light blue fabric with a linen look to it and added a perfectly coordinating minky back.

I think the texture on the back turned out great.  I chose to do a dense quilt pattern to increase interest, but also to keep it nice and secure.  Perfect for snuggling baby or laying on the floor.

The finishing touch was the satin binding.

I wish the best for Mama and her new little baby.
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