Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mini Quilt Swap

I  recently participated in my first non-fabric swap.  Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt Swap, to be specific.  

I found it hard making a gift for someone I do not know.  When I received my partner's information with her likes and dislikes I must admit I was confused.  Apparently, I should not become a profiler!  I scoured the information I was given and finally picked my inspiration.

My first source of inspiration was inspired by Lu Summers Porthole quilt.  My partner mentioned this quilt and also that she liked jewel tones and applique.  I set to work.
  • Step one:  Background.  I looked for an interesting background, but was at a loss until I found two whites that I liked.  I began cutting, sewing, cutting, get the idea.  I think in the end it creates dimension in the quilt.

  • Step two:  Fabric.  I Googled jewel tones, searched my stash and decided that Indie by Pat Bravo would be a good choice.  I used a couple large washers from my tool room for the template.  Did a basting stitch, tightened around the washer, ironed, removed the washer, ironed again, removed the basting stitch and hand stitched it to the background.
  • Step three: Quilt Back.  This turned out to be easy, when I went digging in my fabric cupboard I found some Indie already stitched together.

  • Step four: Quilting.  I chose a circle or pebbling technique to fill in the background.

  • Step five: Label.  My favourite way to make a label is embroidery.  I love how clean it is.

  • Step five:  Binding.  And done.

At this point I was done and feeling quite pleased with myself,  then it appeared...  A post from my partner showing an example of her likes.  Time to start second guessing myself.  In the end I decided I still wanted to gift the above mini, but that maybe a small gift coming from a different angle was in order.  It turns out my creative process took me straight down the path of a second mini!

Inspiration for this one came from this post.

This one was a lot of fun to make.  I love the applique pieces.

I did free motion quilting to "draw" the bird and stitch down the flowers.  Matchstick quilting for the grass and some gentle curves for the sky.  

The last part, shhhhh, don't tell.  I completely messed up the quilt label.  Now I know why I like to stitch them.

Last step before sending it off was to add a couple crochet washcloths.

I hope my partner likes her goodies.  Even though the two mini's are quite different, both were designed with her likes in mind.
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